Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

3. 6. – 17. 7. 2016 JIŘÍ VŠETEČKA

Jiří Všetečka: PragueJiří Všetečka: Prague
Jiří Všetečka: PragueJiří Všetečka: Prague
Jiří Všetečka: PragueJiří Všetečka: Prague
Jiří Všetečka: PragueJiří Všetečka: Prague

Jiří Všetečka (b. 1937) and Prague (9th century) - the photographer and his city - the pilgrim and his place.

The interplay between Jiří Všetečka’s vision and intimate knowledge of ancient Prague and its magical transformations gives rise to a masterful harmony, analogous to that of an intimate relationship between a man and a woman.

Naturally, the kilograms of photographic equipment firmly weigh the steps of the pilgrim Všetečka to the ground. But his soul flies and, between night and day, day and night, captures the one quiet moment when the haze, the play of light of the rising moon or sun, lends the woman-Prague a unique atmosphere and reveals her provocative, mysterious, even mystical, beauty.

Whoever learns how to ‘read’ the photographs will become absorbed in the stories they tell, will hear the inner voices and understand the trembling tension required to render the fleeting impressions, the dreamlike transience and lyrical charm of the city.

Corne and see for yourself!

Let yourself be guided by the work of an experienced photographer and teacher, whose domain includes not only passing impressions, but also contemporary social documents - events that are captured directly, automatically, in black-and-white snapshots. His great!oves include music, literature, psychology and the longing for a complex knowledge, the didactics and humanism of John Amos Comenius, which are summarised in Comenius’ lifelong work A General Consu/tation Conceming the lmprovement of Human Affairs. ln Všetečka’s work as a journalist, in his countless exhibitions at home and abroad, in his book publications and documentary films, one finds this striving for a ‘general improvement by means of the image.’

Pavlína Klazarová

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