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30. 11. 2011–22. 1. 2012 NIKON CALENDAR 2012

© Soňa Chovančíková - From the Cycle: nina 

The exhibition, which will be shown in the Czech Photo Gallery from the 30th November 2011 until the 22nd January 2012 introduces the fifty best photographs which were sent to the NIKON CALENDAR – close to my heart contest. The competition is aimed at all lovers of photography using a Nikon camera and both amateur and professionals can take part. This competition doesn't make compromises and only the best will reach the final. The joy of producing good photographs is heightened by the knowledge that the photographers can also help others with their work. During the gala evening, when the awards are announced, the best images are auctioned to the guests and the proceeds go to charitable causes.

This year marked the third year of the contest and the proceeds from the auction, totalling 169 500 Kc, was donated to support cochlear implants in child patients. The patron of the contest was Doc MUDr. Zdeněk Kabelka, Director of Ear, Nose and Throat clinic at Charles University 2 Medical Faculty and University Hospital in Motol.

In previous years, Nikon supported the Children's Haematological and Oncology Clinic of Charles University 2, the Medical Faculty, University Hospital in Motol and the Oncology Trust for the 21st Century of the Oncology Department of the Thomayer University Hospital and Polyclinic in Prague with a substantial contribution from the contestants and the guests of the gala evening.

The theme of this year's competition – Life is a Big Theatre – gave photographers large enough space to capture the performance that life has in stock for us. That life is, just like the theatre, full of roles, tales and scenarios, which can tell stories. The theme of this year's competition was selected with a view to the venue hosting the inauguration of the calendar in one of the oldest and most beautiful theatres in Prague - the Music Theatre in Karlin.

The specialist jury headed by the chairman of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic, Mr Stanislav Pokorný, selected 50 images for the semi-final out of 1668 submitted photographs. Among them were also the twelve photographs, which adorned the prestigious NIKON CALENDAR for 2012. The calendar is always published in a limited edition of 111 impressions and is not for sale. That makes it more exclusive.

The authors of the 12 winning photographs printed in the calendar for 2012 are: Filip Pokorný (MIM), Viktor Mácha (koksař), Robert Regan (Tieňohry), Milan Křiček (In Franciscan garden)(from the cycle Images of a City)), Pavel Hujer (Luzice Kingdom), Jan Koštál (Holi, Barsana, India 2011), Ladislav Renner (Trip), Markéta Butalová (Brooklin Prague Way), Martin Votava (Touch the Wall), Soňa Chovančíková (From the cycle: Nina), Simona Smrčková (COCO), MUDr Jiří Steinbach (Looking into Windows)

The absolute winner was Soňa Chovančíková with her photograph From the Cycle: nina.

© Nikon CEE GmbH, odštěpný závod, 2017