Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana


© Richard Horák: Sun between the Old Town‘s Towers© Richard Horák: Autumn at Prague Embankment
© Richard Horák: Rainy Matthias Gate© Richard Horák: St. Vitus Cathedral‘s Rose
© Richard Horák: Magnolia at the Strahov Monastery© Richard Horák: Umbrellas on the Charles Bridge
© Richard Horák: Crimson on the Vltava River© Richard Horák: Snowfall in Neruda street

The exhibition is a cross section of the author’s production and introduces a collection of about 60 photographs. They are from the “period of digitalisation”, as the author calls it, when he only shot on digital cameras. Arcane Prague is his second big exhibition; the first took place in the Senate of the Czech Republic in 2014. The photographer has been participating in the Prague Photographical contest since 2012, and every year he gets awards for his photographs of Prague. In 2016, his images of Charles Bridge at sunrise shrouded in fog were printed of the prestigious Nikon calendar. In 2017 he won a gold medal for his photograph “Arcane Prague” in the Sunrise and Sunset category in the international contest Trierenberg Super Circuit in Linz, Austria. Richard Horák is a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic. Since 1985 he has been using only Nikon cameras.

Richard Horák about himself and photography:

“I was introduced to photography by my father; he bought me a beautiful black box called BOX Tengor. It was an old, battered camera but it worked and I liked it a lot. I wasn’t very good at taking pictures but thanks to my father I got interested in photography. I liked to be in the darkroom with him and I always looked with anticipation to what will come out of the developer. Those were fantastic moments of discovery…”

“I am a civil engineer and I had only learned photography as an amateur from my father and from my photographer colleagues at photographic workshops. My big guru was doc. Ing Jiří Všetečka who photographed Prague really well. The bigest school for me was taking photographs for the Archdiocese Prague, which I have been doing since 2012. Since 2015 I have also been photographing Prague monuments for the Prague Information Service.”

“As a photographer I am an eternal student who is learning all the time through experiencing new situations - light, emotions, atmosphere. I try to improvise. When it works I experience a great joy but the next morning I wake up and I know that it could have been better. And again, I reflect on light, ideas, quality and the role of the beast called luck…. And I am still enjoying it.”

“I love Prague, the city of my birth. It is the reason why I like to photograph her. I am not a morning bird but if you want to photograph Prague in all her beauty, you have to do her the honour by going out at sunrise, when Prague is young, beautiful and willing to show you all her magic for at least a short moment… It’s calm everywhere; occasionally you see a few drunks returning from somewhere and they knock on their foreheads when they see you with a tripod; they sing and stagger on… I photograph Prague in the morning and the evening, from above and from bellow. I try to look for, and from time to time I still find places from where Prague can be seen anew…”

© Nikon CEE GmbH, odštěpný závod, 2017