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23. 1.–16. 3. 2014 NIKON CALENDAR 2014

The exhibition in the Nikon Gallery between January 23th and March 16th 2014 introduces the 50 best pictures sent to the NIKON CALENDAR photo competition on the theme of My Heart’s Affair. The competition is for all Nikon photography lovers and both professionals and amateurs can take part. The competition is tough and only the best will reach the final. The joy from a good photograph is compounded by the authors ability to help others. The best photographs will be auctioned to the guests during the celebratory evening in conjunction with the award ceremony and the proceeds will go to charities.

Last year the proceeds from the auction were 301 545 Kč. The proceeds with Nikon spol.s r.o. contribution of 10,000 Kč went to Jakub Halik trust for the expansion of a programme of mechanical heart support in connection with the transplantation programme HEART in IKEM. The godfather of the calendar for 2014 was prof. MUDr. Jan Pirk, DrSc, chief of Kardiocentrum IKEM.

NIKON spol. s r. o., has already published five successful calendars within the framework of the charitable mission photographic competition. Thanks to the photographic auction, voluntary collection and financial contribution from the Nikon company, it has been possible each year to help those who needed it most or who are fighting a treacherous disease.

In the first year, the proceeds of 120 550 Kč went to the Hospital for Child Hematology and Oncology UK2.LF and FN in Motol. The cheque was received by the deputy head of the clinic, MUDr. Vladimír Komrska, CSc. With the financial gift the Clinic of Child Hematology and Oncology UK 2. LF and FN in Motol purchased 5 thermal nebulisers and furnishings for the children’s playroom at the department. Nebuliser is an apparatus turning liquid medication into mist, which can then be inhaled. Nebulisers are used mainly in inhalation of antimycotics (antifungal antibiotics) used for dangerous fungal lung disease occuring in children weakened by anti-tumour therapy. It is a very important part of the complex oncological treatment of child patients.

The proceeds from the auction of the competition photographs, voluntary collections and financial contribution by the organiser of the second year were given to the Oncology Fund for the 21st Century of the Thomayer University Hospital in Prague for the support of treatment of breast cancer in women. The cheque for 271,500 Kč was received from the organisers by prof. Jitka Abrahámová, the head of the Oncology Department FTNs) and chairperson of the Executive Board of Oncology Trust for the 21st century, who also baptised the calendar. The trust used the financial gift to purchase 9 infusion pumps which are used in the day care department for the application and dosage of chemotherapy for oncology patients of the Thomayer University Hospital in Prague.

The third edition of the Nikon calendar contribution thanks to the photographic auction assisted children with cochlear implants. Doc MUDr Zdeněk Kabelka, head of the Ear, Nose and Throat clinic UK2. LN and FN Motol received the financial gift of 169,500 Kč and the clinic bought high-frequency tympanometer, an instrument needed mainly for the smallest children to monitor the condition of the middle ear. The cochlear implant programme it is used to verify the possibility of induction of the implant at the right time, when the middle ear is free from inflammatory changes.But its use is much wider and it’s used for all children with hearing defects needing clinical care.

The 2013 calendar brought in 327,766 Kč, which was presented to the Jolly Senior Trust in support of the project the Exchange of Mutual Support and Free Time Activities of Seniors. The check was received during the celebratory evening by Mrs Lenka Kopecká, co-founder and chair of the Executive Board of the Happy Senior Trust.

The theme of this year’s competition - Life is a Colourful Window - appealed to 650 photographers. The jury of experts, chaired by Stanislav Pokorný, selected fifty semi-finalists from the total of 1,739 photographers who had entered the competition. Among those were twelve photographs which adorned the prestigious NIKON CALENDAR for 2014. The calendar is published in limited edition 111 and is not for sale, which makes it more exclusive.

Authors of the 12 winning photographs which are a part of the prestigious NIKON CALENDAR are: Markéta Butalová (Winter landscape), Lucie Drlíková (Resignation), Jana Pražanová (Matterhorn), Ctibor Košťál (Alone), Jan Žižka (Colourful memory), Adriana Ryzí (Tron), František Tůma (Joker), Martin Votava (Siida), Petr Šedý (Dragonfly at sunrise), Marek Dunajský (II/II/I/I), Milan Faja (Seasonal), Zuzana Vitvarová (Windless).

The absolute winner is František Tůma with “Joker”.

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