Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

26. 11. 2015 – 10. 1. 2016 SPACE IN IN-BETWEEN TIME – HYNEK GLOS

Space in In-Between Time © Hynek Glos: Waltrovka is the former Walter Motors factory in Prague-Jinonice. After it was nationalised it became Motorlet s.p. and later Walter Engines.Space in In-Between Time © Hynek Glos: Nusle Brewery was founded by count Jan Josef Sezima of Vrtba in 1694 and became the largest industrial brewery in Central Europe. In 1960 the name was changed to SLADOVNA and most of the buildings were taken over by Czech Wineries.
Space in In-Between Time © Hynek Glos: Prague-Bubny is in Prague Holešovice, in the former Bubny village. It lies on a railway 120 to Kladno, where it meets track number 091 from the Masaryk railway station to Kralupy nad Vltavou, near metro station Vltava on the C line.Space in In-Between Time © Hynek Glos: The old Aerovka is an area in the southwestern part of what used to be the only Prague airport, Prague-Kbely. The Aero company built a two-ship, 600 m2 wooden construction hangar, but it burned down in 1921. Almost the same hangar was immeditely built in its place, designated for the final assembly and parking of test aircraft.
Space in In-Between Time © Hynek Glos: The north platform of Prague-Smíchov railway station is mentioned in the timetable as an separate station stop. From the transport point of view the line is an independent circuit of Prague-Smíchov railway station with a service name Prague-Smíchov joint station.Space in In-Between Time © Hynek Glos: Freight railway station Prague-Žižkov is a freight railway station in Žižkov, situated at the end of one-rail freight railway. The station is combined with a palatal storage. It was built in 1936 and regular traffic was ended in 2002. It is the biggest functionalist style industrial building in Prague.
Space in In-Between Time © Hynek Glos: Požáry II quarry is situated on the northen slope of the right bank of Dalejský stream. In the north of the quarry runs the railway from Prague-Řeporyje to Prague-Holyně. Near the quarry is NPP Požáry and Dalejský profile. Wider surroundings are part of nature park Prokopské and Dalejské valley. A lake with clean water formed at the bottom of the valley.Space in In-Between Time © Hynek Glos: Branik ledárny is a late secession-style industrial area in Branik, on the right bank of the Vltava river. In the past the premises served as ‘ledárna’ - a huge storage of natural ice. In 1964 the premises were declared a historical landmark. They are important technologically and architecturally and they are a noted memorial of Czech industrial heritage.

Hynek Glos (1973) is the 20th recipient of the Grant of Prague - a one year creative scholarship for the documentation of the changes in the capital, awarded annually by the Mayor of Prague within the framework of the Czech Press Photo contest. The prestigious prize, awarded on the basis of a photo documentation of the once important Walter factory for aircraft engines in Jinonice and now destined for liquidation, didn’t come by chance. Glos belongs to a generation of enquiring and thoughtful Czech photojournalists who don’t work only on commission, but themselves search for interesting topics which could be of interest to the wider public. That was the case of his heart-rendering series “The Children of Agent Orange”, dedicated to the already third generation of Vietnamese who were cruelly affected by the destructive herbicide used by the Americans during the Vietnam war, and his project “Limits”, dealing with the politically sensitive issue of the reduction of coal mining in Northern Bohemia. This and his other work were deservingly appraised by the international juries of the Czech Press Photo contest. Additionally, Hynek Glos is a photographer whose work is marked by a highly effective pictorial quality. He proved that in his Grant project for which, apart from the disappearing Walter factory, he also documented other brownfields - industrial sites in Prague, which under the new conditions ceased to serve their original function and were going to be demolished or changed in appearance. The value of a Glos’ project is not only the documentary evidence of a site of significant historical importance, but it’s also a memento of a kind. It’s a warning, a reminder and a meditation on whether we are needlessly destroying or transforming old industrial objects instead of taking advantage of their beauty and finding a new function for them.
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Hynek Glos has been a professional photographer since he was twenty one. He worked for daily newspapers - MFDnes and Lidové noviny, and since 2009 he has been working as a freelance photographer mainly for Euro, Strategie and Profit. He has also been photographing for Dejvické theatre in Prague. Hynek Glos’ exhibition Space In In-Between Time is part of the 21st CZECH PRESS PHOTO 2015 exhibition, which takes place at the Old Town Hall in Prague.

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