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14. 1. – 21. 2. 2016 NIKON CALENDAR 2016

© Tomáš Tichý: Ráno na konci světa© Jaroslav Kuneš Behenský: Origami Tale
© Pavla Hralová: Čas© Tomáš Holub: Podzimní Vysočina
© Roman Kantor: Betelné zvonek: Ščí jak sviňa© Pavel Svoboda: V ráji
© Renata Kratochvílová: alea iacta est ...© Milan Fiala: fakt je kulatá
© Petr Luňák: Pohádka© Martina Petrová: Petvážky
© Jiří Částka: Balónový ráj...© Richard Horák: Ráno na konci světa

The Nikon Photo Gallery is showing the fifty best photographs from the 2016 Nikon Calendar contest.

The contest is open to all Nikon camera users, both professional and amateur. Every year the best photographs are auctioned and the proceeds donated to charity. The participants’ joy of winning is hightened by the knowledge that thanks to their photographs, they can help those who need it most.

Four hundred and seven photographers with 1,153 images on the theme Imagination Rules the World took part in this year’s NIKON CALENDAR 2016 competition. The contest was running on www.nikon-kalendar.cz from the beginning of July until the 6th of October. The images for the exhibition and calendar were selected by an expert jury headed by Stanislav Pokorny - a photographer and chairman of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic.

The patron of this year’s competition and the godfather of the calendar was Jiri Prochazka, director of the Palata Home for the Visually Impaired. The proceeds from the photographic auction - 309,000 Kč and a 10,000 Kč gift from Nikon will be used for the rehabilitation of the facility’s orientation system for the visually impaired and blind.

The authors of the 12 winning photographs published in the 2016 calendar were: Tomáš Tichý (Morning at the end of the world), Jaroslav Kuneš Behenský (Origami Tale), Pavla Hralová (Time), Tomáš Holub (Vysočina in Autumn), Roman Kantor (Betelné bell:Ščí jak sviňa), Pavel Svoboda (In Paradise), Renata Kratochví lová (Alea iacta est…), Milan Fiala (It’s really round), Petr Luňák (Fairy tale), Martina Petrová (Petvážky), Jiří Částka (Baloon Paradise), Richard Horák (Prague Mysterious…).

The overall winner was Milan Fiala with his picture It’s Really Round. “The jury appreciated the photographer’s nontraditional approach and the rendition of the motif while at the same taking advantage of the exceptional quality of the ultra wide lens. The author mastered the composition in difficult conditions and also managed to make the viewer a participant in the story”, comments Stanislav Pokorný on the choice of the winning photograph.

Nikon Corporation has already published seven successful calendars as part of the competition which has a charitable angle. The last six calendars helped to collect through auctions, private collections and the organisers’ contribution over 1 509 000 Kč. The proceeds were donated to the Clinic of Child Haematology and Oncology UK 2.LF and FN in Motol, Oncology for the 21st Century Trust of the Oncology department of Thomayer Hospital and Polyclinic in Prague, the Nose, Throat and Ear Clinic UK2.LF and FN Motol for the Support of Cochlear Implantations in Young Patients, the Jolly Senior Trust for the support of the Exchange of Mutual Help and Seniors’ Free Time Activities, Jakub Halík’s Trust for the expansion of mechanical heart support connected with translation programme SRDCE in IKEM and Kapka Naděje for the reimbursement of costs of psychological services at the Pediatric Haematology and Oncology Department and the Cortical Bone Transplant Unit in Motol Hospital in Prague.

More about this project on www.nikon-kalendar.cz

© Nikon CEE GmbH, odštěpný závod, 2017