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29. 11. 2012–6. 1. 2013 OLYMPIC GAMES 1980–2012 – JIŘÍ KOLIŠ

© JIŘÍ KOLIŠ, www.kolis.cz: William Besse – Switzerland – Winter Olympic Games Lillehammer 1994© JIŘÍ KOLIŠ, www.kolis.cz: Michael Johnson – USA – After winning the 400m race - Summer Olympic Games Atlanta 1996
© JIŘÍ KOLIŠ, www.kolis.cz: Tizzano and Abbagnale – the winning Italian doublescull team – Summer Olympic Games Atlanta 1996© JIŘÍ KOLIŠ, www.kolis.cz: Czech icehockey players after winning the final – Winter Olympic Games Nagano 1998
© JIŘÍ KOLIŠ, www.kolis.cz: Michael Phelps – USA – Summer Olympic Games Beijing 2008© JIŘÍ KOLIŠ, www.kolis.cz: Barbora Spotakova – the last winning attempt – Summer Olympic Games Beijing 2008
© JIŘÍ KOLIŠ, www.kolis.cz: Usain Bolt – Jamaica – before the start of the 200m race – Summer Olympic Games 2012© JIŘÍ KOLIŠ, www.kolis.cz: After the final of women’s tennis doubles – Summer Olympic Games London 2012

Jiří Koliš was born in Prague in 1953 and has lived in Prague all his life. Since early age he has been interested in sport (ice hockey) and photography. Since graduation and two years spent in the army, he’s been a professional photographer. First he worked as a photo lab technician and later as a photographer at the Sound and Image Technology Research Institute. From 1977 until the end of 1992 he was a photoreporter on Stadion – a sports picture weekly magazine. While working he was also studying under professor Jan Smok at the Department of Photography at FAMU in Prague. Since 1993 until present, he’s been working as a freelance photographer, focusing mainly on sports photography. He‘s photographed hundreds of international sporting events (abroad only after 1989...) He documented 6 summer and 5 winter Olympic Games (always as an acredited photographer apart from Moscow in 1980). His photographs have been published in many Czech daily newspapers and magazines. He also colaborates with the Czech Olympic Committee, with sports associations and clubs. Occassionally he works for foreign photographic agencies and institutions. His photographs can be found in dozens of books on sport, calendars, posters, advertising or as large decorative images used in interior decoration. He’s written several boooks; some of them were published by his company PETIT (for example Stories from a Goal Post). Since his photographic studies at FAMU he’s also been interested in the history of Czech sports photography. He organised exhibitions of other sports photographers (Jaroslav Skala, Karel Novak) and group exhibitions (Photography and Sport, The Best Sports Photograph of the Year, Sport Through Photographers‘ Lenses and others). Together with Michal Ninger he edited and published several books of Jan Reich’s photographs. In 1997, Jiří Koliš, member of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic, was awarded the title Personality of Czech Photography.

5. 5. 1953 Born in Prague
1968–1972 Chemistry Middle School
1974–1976 laboratory technician and later photographer at Sound and Image Technology Research Institure in Prague
1977–1992 hotoreporter of the weekly sports magazine STADION
1981–1986 FAMU – Prague – Department of Art Photography under professor Jan Smok
since 1993 freelance photographer focusing on sports photography

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