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15. 1. – 22. 2. 2015 NIKON CALENDAR 2015

NIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Petr Láznický: SnackingNIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Zuzana Vitvarová: After the season
NIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Petr Šimon: Dancing northern lightsNIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Lucie Drlíková: The last breath
NIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Emil Malárik: Late returnNIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Jitka Unverdorben: By the lake
NIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Zdeněk Vošický: Nature magicNIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Petr Palouš: Flight over the river
NIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Jiří Souček: Before daybreakNIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Irma Kaňová: Horse trainer
NIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Jozef Jurga: Water, wind, man and joyNIKON CALENDAR 2015/ © Jan Knot: Shadow play

The Nikon Photo Gallery shows the 50 best photographs from the Nikon 2015 Calendar competition.

The competition is for any one who uses a Nikon camera. Both professional and amateur photographers are eligible to take part. Every year the best photographs are auctioned and the proceeds donated to a charity. The competitors receive an additional sense of satisfaction through helping others in need.

This year, the NIKON CALENDAR 2015 competition topic - Everyday Miracles - attracted 472 competitors with 1,268 photographs. The competition took place between the beginning of July 2014 until 16th October 2014 on www.nikon-kalendar.cz. The exhibition and calendar photographs were selected by an expert jury headed by professor Mgr. Miroslav Vojtěchovský, the eminent Czech university pedagogue, publicist, curator and photographer of glass.

The patron of this year’s competition and the calendar’s godmother was Vendula Svobodová, president of the Kapka naděje Foundation. The proceeds from the auction, amounting to 326,500 Kč, and a gift of 10,000 Kč from Nikon went to Kapka naděje. The proceeds from the auction, including the contribution from Nikon, will be used to cover expenses connected with providing psychological services at the Department of Child Haematology and Oncology and at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Motol hospital in Prague.

The authors of the 12 winning photographs in the 2015 calendar are: Petr Šimon (Dancing Northern Lights), Petr Láznický (Coffee Break), Zuzana Vitvarová (After the Season...), Irma Kaňová (Horse Trainer), Mgr. Emil Malárik (Delayed Return), Lucie Drliková (Last Breath), Jan Knot (Shadow Play), Jozef Jurga (Water, Wind, Man and Happiness), Petr Palouš (Flight over a River), Jiří Souček (Before Sunrise), Jitka Unverdorbenová (By a Lake), Zdeněk Vošický (Nature Magic). The winner was Jan Knot with Shadow Play. He received a 50,000 Kč voucher for the purchase of Nikon products.

Professor Vojtěchovský said about the winning photograph: ”The concept of the ‘decisive moment’ was coined by the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, protagonist of the humanistically oriented document primarily connected with socially engaged photography. However, Jan Knot, author of the photograph “Shadow Play”, convinces us that the ability to capture seemingly irrelevant situation in a public space in a moment of time when everything in the viewfinder falls into a configuration capturing the atmosphere and aesthetic magic of the situation which, at first viewing, perhaps has no social appeal, but it still is, despite it, the best expression of the Miracle of an Ordinary Day, a theme Nikon chose for its 2015 calendar."

As part of the photographic competitions with a charitable angle, NIKON spol. s r.o. has already published six successful calendars. In the first five years it collected over 1 190 000 Kč through auctions, money collections and the organisers’ contributions. The proceeds were donated to the Clinic of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology UK2.LF and FN in Motol, Oncology Foundation for the 21st Century of the Oncology department of the Thomayer University Hospital and Polyclinic in Prague, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic UK 2, LF and FN Motol for the support of cochlear implantations in paediatric patients, Happy Senior Foundation for the support of the Exchange of Mutual Help and Free-time Activities for Seniors project and to Jakub Halik Foundation for the expansion of the Mechanical Heart Support programme connected to the transplant programme HEART in IKEM.

You can read more about this project on www.nikon-kalendar.cz.

© Nikon CEE GmbH, odštěpný závod, 2017