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10. 1.–24. 2. 2013 NIKON CALENDAR 2013

© Jan Třeštík - Twilight 

The exhibition in the Czech Photo Gallery, running from 9th January to 24th February 2013, introduces the best 50 photographs sent to the “NIKON CALENDAR – My Love” photo competition. The competition is for all photography lovers using Nikon cameras and is open to both professional and amateur photographers. The entry requirements of the competition are tough and only the best can reach the final. The pleasure a good photograph can inspire is compounded by the feeling that the authors can, through their work, help others too. The best photographs will be auctioned during the celebratory evening where the results will be announced and the profits from the auction will be donated to charity.

Last year, the profit from the auction of 327,766 Kc was donated to the Happy Senior trust for the support of the Reciprocal Help and Free-time Activities for Seniors project. The sponsor of the 2013 calendar is Lenka Kopecka, Co-Founder and Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Happy Senior trust.

NIKON has already published four successful calendars as a result of the photo competition providing charitable support. Thanks to the auction of the photographs and the voluntary collection, Nikon has contributed to help those who most need it; for example, those fighting a serious illness.

The profit from the first year (120,550 Kc) was donated to the Child Haematology and Oncology Clinic in Motol. The cheque was received by Dr Vladimir Komrska, Deputy Head of the clinic. From the financial donation to the Clinic of Child Haematology and Oncology, 5 thermal nebulizers and equipment were purchased for the children’s playroom in the ward. A nebulizer is a device, which converts fluid medication into a fine mist, which can then be inhaled. Nebulizers are used at the clinic mainly for the application of anti-mycotics (anti-fungal medicines), which are used for the dangerous fungal lung diseases resulting from weakening caused by the anti-tumour treatment. It is a very important part of a complex oncological treatment of pediatric patients.

The profits from the auction of the competition’s photographs, voluntary contributions and financial gifts from the organisers in the second year of the contest were donated to the Oncology Trust for the 21st Century of the Oncology Department of Thomayer Hospital in Prague for the support of breast cancer treatment. The cheque for 271,500 Kc was received from the organisers by Professor Jitka Abrahamova, Head of the Oncology Department FTNsP and the Chairwoman of the Oncology Trust for the 21st Century organisation. She also christened the calendar. With money from the financial gift, the trust purchased 9 infusion pumps for use in the day centre of the Oncology Department for the application and dosage of chemotherapy for patients of the Oncology Department of Thomayer Hospital in Prague.

The third edition of the Nikon calendar, thanks to the auction of photographs, contributed to the support of children with cochlear implants. The financial gift was received by the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic of Charles University in Motol. The cheque for 169, 500 Kc was received by the Head of the clinic, Dr Zdenek Kabelka. With the money received, the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic of the University Hospital Motol purchased a high frequency tympanometer, which is an instrument needed to see the middle ear in small children. In the cochlear implant programme, it is used to assess the appropriate time for the cochlear implant (when there are no inflammatory changes in the middle ear). However, its use is much wider and it may be used for all children with ear defects who need a clinical examination.

The theme of this year’s competition – Moments That Don’t Age – gave photographers enough freedom to capture real-life moments. The theme is closely connected to the Happy Senior Trust, which has been a previous beneficiary of the photographic auction.

Fifty photos (out of 1,423) were chosen for the semi-finals by the expert jury, headed by Professor Miroslav Vojtechovsky. Among them were selected the twelve photographs which appear in the prestigious 2013 NIKON CALENDAR. The calendar is limited to 111 copies, which are not on general release, thereby rendering them more exclusive.

The overall winner of the competition is Jan Trestik with his photograph entitled “Dusk”.

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