Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

1. 5.–15. 6. 2014 KATARINA BRUNCLÍKOVÁ

© Katarina Brunclíková: Eyes for Bunuel© Katarina Brunclíková: Dream
© Katarina Brunclíková: Prague© Katarina Brunclíková: Prague
© Katarina Brunclíková: Prague© Katarina Brunclíková: Eyes for Bunuel
© Katarina Brunclíková: Jazz© Katarina Brunclíková: Music


Chat: 27. 5. 2014 – How they see it - Katarina Brunclíková

“The charm of everything lies in it’s mysteriousness,” as Josef Sudek, the doyenne of Czech photography, used to say. The master of magical landscapes and still lives in which the poetry of mystery of the most ordinary things plays the main part. The author of the poetical images fundamentally connected with the changing states of his soul, which perpetually reach out to people of all generations across the continents.
And it is this obscurity, the special intangibility implying mystery, what first captivate the viewer of Katarina Brunclikova’s photographs and awakens his/her curiosity, the desire to read the coded message, find the suggested statement, understand the inner state of the author and perhaps identify with it... or perhaps reject it... There are endless possibilities of interpretation and it is exactly this, which is the most provocative and the most valuable in Katarina’s pictures.
Her fundamental mode of expression is the reduction of motifs to light and shadows, playing with colours and its many values and strong contrast: work with translucency, reflexions and fragments of objects; experiments with focus and light which often become her theme as if it itself was the content of the message. She uses projection of pictures and the cross process technique, which allows her to achieve striking colourful and structural effects. Her pictures are always fundamentally stylised regardless of whether she waits for her photograph to just happen or she arranges it.
Katarina Brunclikova doesn’t make images of the outside world but only and only from her own, inner world, full of strong emotional experience - the result of dwelling in the spheres of free associations, in an intangible space between consciousness and unconsciousness, dream and reality. Probably her most expressive set of pictures called Prague is not really about Prague - and if it is, it’s only remotely - but about human loneliness in a big city, about fear, sadness, uncertainty, about very private feelings. The same occurs in the series called Eyes for Bunuel or Music. The first, made up of reflections of fragments of female faces with wide open eyes refers through its name not only to the reaction to Bunuel’s and Dali’s surrealism but also to Freud’s psychoanalysis. The second set is a pure abstraction focused on the experience of colour perception.
The current exhibition of Katarina Brunclikova’s photographs is a narrower selection from her recently published representative book, and thanks to the concentrated selection and conceptual approach in the chamber gallery space, it is a poignant submergence into the author’s inner world. The link between her work and her fate is clear. We are offered a look into the most intimate private life of a woman who, as a result of a serious illness, spent early childhood in bed in a room with limited access to light as it was causing an allergic reaction in her organism. Darkness within four walls became her entire world for a long time. And some time during this period her relationship to photography started to develop as a means of self-reflection. Photography became a tool through which her soul speaks and with which she expresses her inner view on the outer world.
Katarina Brunclikova graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava in 2003 where, according to professor Vladimir Birgus, she was one of the “most distinctive and most talented” students. Her prolific exhibition activities at home and abroad date from 1999. She was awarded the Euro Press Photo Award in 2006.
You can constantly communicate with her photographs, precisely because of their “Sudkovian” mysteriousness and intangibility. A promise of secrecy and mystery is granted.
Daniela Mrazkova

born: 9th July 1977 in Cheb
education: Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava (MgA.; 2003)

2011 Czech Centre Paris, Paris, France
2010 Czech House, Moscow, Russia
2009 VZP Gallery, Prague
2008 Czech Embassy, Vienna, Austria
Czech Centre, Budapest, Hungary
2007 Czech Centre, Sophia, Bulgaria
Centre Bohemia Sekt, Stary Plzenec, Czech Republic
2006 Prague and Earth, House of the Capital City Prague, Brussels, Belgium, (with Pavel Brunclik)
Cafe Therapy, Prague
2005 Katarina Brunclikova and Pavel Brunclik, Gallery Bayer Bayer, Prague
Katarina Brunclikova and Pavel Brunclik, MKS Valasske Mezirici
2004 Art from Prague, Levantehaus, Hamburg, Germany
(with Antonin Strizek)
G4 Gallery, Cheb
2003 Prague House, Bruxelles, Belgium (with Pavel Brunclik)
2002 Lazne Bludov Gallery
Frantiskovy Lazne Museum
2001 Sparkasse Mosbach, Germany
2000 FOMA Gallery, Brno
1999 Three Lilies Gallery, Frantiskovy Lazne
City Cultural Centre Cheb (as part of Jazz Jam festival)
Skola Gallery, Brno

Czech Republic, Algeria, France, Italy, India, South Africa, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Great Britain

2006 Fujifilm Euro Press Award


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