Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

27. 11. 2014 – 11. 1. 2015 GRANT OF PRAGUE 2014

GRANT OF PRAGUE CZECH PRESS PHOTO © Jaroslav Kučera: This is Prague as well, Grant of Prague 1995GRANT OF PRAGUE CZECH PRESS PHOTO © Jan Ságl: Architecture, Grant of Prague 1996
GRANT OF PRAGUE CZECH PRESS PHOTO © Karel Kuklík: City and Nature, Grant of Prague 1997GRANT OF PRAGUE CZECH PRESS PHOTO © Jiří Křenek: Satellite Towns, Grant of Prague 2001
GRANT OF PRAGUE CZECH PRESS PHOTO © Herbert Slavík: Personalities, Grant of Prague 2002GRANT OF PRAGUE CZECH PRESS PHOTO © Jan Zatorsky: Trainliving, Grant of Prague 2007
GRANT OF PRAGUE CZECH PRESS PHOTO © Roman Vondrouš: Prague Housing Estates, Grant of Prague 2010GRANT OF PRAGUE CZECH PRESS PHOTO © Eduard Erben: We are 80 and still aktive, Grant of Prague 2013

On the recommendation of the International Jury, the Mayor of Prague awards the one-year creative grant to a photographer for the purpose of documenting the changes in the capital. The photographer whose work is submitted for the competition with a sample of the proposed project best ensures a professional approach to the given topic. At the end of the year, the photographer has an obligation to present to the Mayor’s Office two sets of the best thirty photographs for exhibition and archival purposes. After twenty years of awarding these grants, the Prague Town Hall has at its disposal a representative collection of six hundred photographs which track and evaluate the changes in Prague from various thematic angles. Already, this collection has a huge testimony value and its importance will only grow with time. There is no doubt that the establishment of the grant tradition as part of Czech Press Photo was a historical event for the Prague Town Hall that was established for the future generations.
The exhibition shows a selection made from 20 sets of photographs taken by prominent Czech photographers who, in the 20 years of Czech Press Photo, received the Grant of Prague awarded by the Mayor.

© Nikon CEE GmbH, odštěpný závod, 2017