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© Vladimír Kozlík: Touch of light – Sazava 2008 – Experience© Vladimír Kozlík: Ad libitum 2009 – Images of feeling
© Vladimír Kozlík: On the way – Hradec Králové 25. 10. 2009 - Walks© Vladimír Kozlík: Asphalt shadows – 24. 3. 2013 – Walks
© Vladimír Kozlík: Time of imagination - 24. 5. 2013 - Light on the table© Vladimír Kozlík: Fish 2005 – Asphalt landscapes
© Vladimír Kozlík: Window – 21. 6. 2005 – Light in a room© Vladimír Kozlík: New World 2013 – The universe in my room

Vladimír Kozlík (23. 5. 1953, Prague)
Education - 1968-1972: Photography at the School of Graphic Arts; 1972 - 1976: Art Photography at FAMU;1983-1986 doctorate studies at AMU (Academy of Music Arts) 1983-1986; 2001 awarded doctorate in Film and Photographic Arts at AMU (Academy of Performing Arts)
Current employment - art photographer and pedagogue, head of Photographic Art and Creative Photography at the Michael School of Art and Advertising, Prague.
Membership in art groups - AF, PHP, member of executive board of FotoForum
Professional activities outside personal work - since 1980 external pedagogue at FAMU; since 1986 lecturer at FAMU; 1999-2002 head of School of Photography at FAMU; since 1990 member of AF, 1991-96 chairman of executive board of AF; 1998-2004 member of executive board AF; 2000-2003 executive board PHP; since 2006 member of executive board FotoForum. Organised and executed several catalogues and around 30 exhibitions as part of his engagement at AF, FAMU, FF Prague and School Michael
Activity in the field of advertising photography and photography for architectural units: posters, catalogues, calendars for Eurotel; publication covers (e.g. for Grada publishing); photo compositions and photographs for interiors - e.g. for Gestin Centrum Prague in 1996, CSA offices in Paris in 1997, hotel President in Prague 2004, hotel Imperial in Prague 2007, hotel Savannah 2009, restaurant Dubina Domazlice 2011.
Personal photography - interest in creative photography, conceives thematic topics such as Horisons, Ad libitum, Memories, Experiences, Tarmac landscapes. He links paintings, drawings and text, he concerns himself with the use of light as an artistic and compositional principle - the light itself becomes the picture - as for example in the cycle The Universe In My Room. He composes multipictures. Using his imagination, he transforms illusively ordinary environment, things and fleeting details into images of strange poetic worlds, visual stories and symbols. He tranforms reality into various semantic levels and mataphors of personal testimony.
One-man exhibitions - twenty-three exhibitions, for example: Photograms - photographs - variations, Čs. spisovatel Prague 1975; Gallery Skierniewice, Poland 1987; Talks with Chan-Shan - Čs.spisovatel Gallery Prague 1990; Fotografie - Kunst Raum Gera, Germany 1996; Metamorphoses of Light - Mala Galerie Sporitelny, Kladno 1997; Stories of feelings - Prague House of Photography 2000; Images of feelings - Gallerie Opera Ostrava 2002; Words are not enough - Atrium Gallery, Prague 2008.
Group exhibitions - 110 exhibitions so far- for example a travelling World exhibition of professional photographers in United States; 1988, Czech Photography in the 1980s, Amsterdam 1989; Czechoslovak Photography 1945-1989, Prague 1989; Contemporary Czech Photography - Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany 1990; What’s New in Prague, Chicago, USA, 1992; Czech Photography of the 1990s, London, 1993; Certainties and Search in Czech Photography of the 1990s, Prague Castle, 1996; Prague - European City of Culture 2002, Prague and Bologna, 1999-2000; Czech Photography of the 20th Century, Town Library, Prague 2005; Reflexions - FAMU photography graduates, V.Spala Gallery, Prague 2005; Golden Fund of the National Museum of Photography CNB, Prague 2007; Intimate Zones - selection from the National Museum of Photography, Jindrichuv Hradec 2009.
Awards - Gold Certificate from WCPP, USA 1989; The Most Beautiful Book from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Slovakia the Museum of Czech Literature for Conversations with Chan-Shan; The Most Beautiful Publication of 1998 for the catalogue Potrait AF. Photographs in collections - Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, National Museum of Photography, Museum of the Arts in Olomouc, private collections.
Literature - represented in publications: Journey of Czechoslovak Photography, Mlada Fronta, Prague 1989; publication for the exhibition commemorating 150 years of photography, Prague 1989; Encyclopedia of Czech and Slovak photographers, Asco, Prague, 1993; New Encyclopedia of Czech Art 1994; publication Jistoty a hledání v české fotografii 90. let (Certainties and Pursuits in Czech Photography of the 1990s) Kant Publishers, Prague 1995; exhibition catalogue Stories of Feelings, Prague 2000; exhibition catalogue Czech Photography of the 20th Century, Prague 2005; publication Czech Photography of the 20th Century, Kant Prague 2010.
Personal publications - Interviews with Chan-Shan, Prostor publishers, Prague 1990; Prague Genius Loci, Olympia publishers, Prague 1993; Vladimir Kozlik 55 - Words are not Enough, Kant publishers, Prague 2008

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