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4. 6. 2015 – 19. 7. 2015 LAUSITZ BY ELEVEN

Ester Havlová, Geierswalde, 2012, www.esterhavlova.czJochen Ehmke, Senftenberg lake, ehmke-nuehlen@arcor.de
Uwe Jacobshagen, Pritzen, 2012, www.jacobshagen.euNorbert Kaltwaßer, Geierswalde lake, norbertkaltwaszer@web.de
Thomas Kläber, New ground, www.thomas-klaeber.deMarek Maruszak, Landmark, Kleinkoschen, marekmaruszak@wp.pl
Jürgen Matschie, Lock to Neuwiese lake, 2012, www.juergen-matschie.deAnton Sládek, Visitors’ Mine F60, Lichterfeld, www.asladek.sk
Peter Thieme, Großräschen lake, former Meuro opencast mining, www.peterthieme.comRoberta Valerio, Pritzen, www.robertavalerio.com
Pierre Vallet, Großräschen lake, 22 sept, www.pierrevallet-photographe.com

At the end of 1998 I visited Lower Lausitz with a colleague for the first time. In Lichterfeld there was a huge conveyor bridge F60, ready to be put together. It was an overcast, rainy and foggy autumn day with temperatures hovering around zero. The sky and the earth melted into a grey mass; it was impossible to know what was real and what was unreal. It was a strange moment in my life because it was the first time I consciously became aware of the ravaged land of Lausitz.

I immediately realised that everything I saw could become the subject of an extensive photographic project. The result was the first international photographic workshop in 2001, followed by another in 2006 and in September 2011, there was the third and last.

All the invited colleagues from all over Europe are distinguished photographers in their own countries and the span of their work covers a wide gamut in the field of photography. They were all impressed by the metamorphosis of this large area, not only of the wounded countryside but also by the regeneration processes implemented by the IBA organisation along with the inhabitants of the region. The process of transformation of the Lausitz area, which had been destroyed by mining, and the diversity of its architecture and landscape became the workshops’ pivotal topics.

The last workshop wasn’t supposed to stage the situation before and after, but rather to provide an interpretation of the current state of affairs. A new image of a reborn, efflorescent countryside as a reflection of the last eleven years.

Everyone came to the area in their own distinctive way - by car, on foot, bicycle or in a small group. And all this took place in Lausitz, where all the participants presented in the best light. There was a bright sun shining and it was a beautiful start to Autumn.

The tension created by the photographs in this exhibition is a result of the interrelationship of the individual images. Everyone who doesn’t know this area can, on the basis of the exhibited photographs, take home with them a little piece of Lausitz, a countryside which thanks to IBA Fürst-Pückler-Land is prospering again. It is an insight which is subjective, and presented through the artist’s camera.

Uwe Jacobshagen
April 2015

Jochen Ehmke – Germany, ehmke-nuehlen@arcor.de
Ester Havlová – Czech Republic, www.esterhavlova.cz
Uwe Jacobshagen – Germany, www.jacobshagen.eu
Norbert Kaltwaßer – Germany, norbertkaltwaszer@web.de
Thomas Kläber – Germany, www.thomas-klaeber.de
Marek Maruszak – Poland, marekmaruszak@wp.pl
Jürgen Matschie – Germany, www.juergen-matschie.de
Anton Sládek – Slovakia, www.asladek.sk
Peter Thieme – Germany, www.peterthieme.com
Roberta Valerio – Italy, www.robertavalerio.com
Pierre Vallet – France, www.pierrevallet-photographe.com

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