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© George Karbus: Friend Kata with a friendly wild dolphin. West Coast of Ireland© George Karbus: Skellig Rock Island is the second biggest colony of the terej in Europe. West Coast of Ireland
© George Karbus: The Northern Atlantic is one of the world’s wildest oceans. In the winter, huge waves whip the Irish coastline.
© George Karbus: Majestic Cliffs of Moher, West Coast of Ireland
© George Karbus: Wave called Aileens breaks under the massive Cliffs of Moher, the Mecca of world surfing. West Coast of Ireland© George Karbus: Bottlenose dolphin enjoys the calm water surface at sunrise near Tenerife
© George Karbus: Common dolphin jumps during a beautiful sunrise near Blasket Island, West Coast of Ireland
© George Karbus: Killer whale is leaving its hunting place where only herring scales remain. Northern Norway, Arctic Circle

The wild west coast of Ireland became his home twelve years ago. In the giant waves of the North Atlantic he found not only himself but also a friendly, wild dolphin who changed his life. Learning from the sea and inspired by a friendly dolphin he embarked, together with his family, on a journey through the world’s oceans. There he came face to face with the killer whales of the inclement Arctic and with the mammoth humpback whale of the southern Pacific. His love for nature and photography borders on obsession and his pictures reflect it deeply.

“I try to capture the beauty of our beautiful world and show people the real treasures life offers. I hope that I can inspire humans to live in harmony with nature.”

His work has been praised all over the world and he holds trophies from some the most prestigious international photo contests - such as Nature Best Photography, Outdoor Photographer of the Year and Red Bull Illume. His services are regularly requested by companies like Nikon, Red Bull or Suunto. His work has been exhibited in some of the top galleries in Washington, Hong Kong, London and Japan. He is a regular contributor to Nature’s Best magazine, BBC Focus, Nikon Pro and Outdoor Photography.

© Nikon CEE GmbH, odštěpný závod, 2017