Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

4. 10. – 4. 11. 2018 NADIA ROVDEROVÁ – FOTOFATAL 99–18

© Nadia Rovderová: Angel (from searching for Angels series), 2001
© Nadia Rovderová: Angel Leaving (from searching for Angels series), 1998
© Nadia Rovderová: Eve (from On Adam and Eve series), 2003© Nadia Rovderová: Here Comes the Sun (from Searching for the Sun series), 2001
© Nadia Rovderová: On the Road to Terezín (from Terezín Between Earth and Heaven series), 2002© Nadia Rovderová: Saint Egidius (from Poprad’s Subconsciousness series), 2000
© Nadia Rovderová: Threes by the Cemetery, Terezín, 2000© Nadia Rovderová: Úloža, January 1st 2000 (from Diaries series), 2000

Nadia Rovderová (* 8. 1. 1971, Poprad, Slovakia) Nadia’s recent show at the Nikon Photo Gallery, follows her series called Fotofatal that has been exhibited previously. With a little exaggeration, Nadia Rovderová can be described as a huntress of seemingly ordinary moments and situations, which she elevates through photography to exceptional, almost sacred events. Her colour photographs are not trying to be reproductions of reality - they are very intimate, subjective documents in which, thanks to a long exposure, the record of reality blends with the author’s inner mood - the camera shutter opened for a few seconds or even minutes captures her breathing, movement, heartbeat, excitement, digruntlement or enthusiasm. She becomes a hypersensitive seismograph that can tune into a volatile fluidum at the moment of its wholeness and record it. The blurred image then becomes a trajectory of sequential events in the course of time and the streaming energy. But the photographer goes even deeper, beyond the phenomenon seen by the eye. It seems that she is also capturing the phenomena that resists the sensory perception - as indicated by the titles of her photographic series, such as Conversations with the Spirits, Looking for Angels, Prague or Poprad Subconscious or Terezín Between Heaven and Earth, in which she successfully resuscitates the spirit of a place and its past but also the dormant presence of new narratives. She does it naturally, intuitively, without pathos.

Nadia Rovderová’s “Photopaintings” are are modelled not by light but by the disappearance of it, as most of her images are created in dim light or darkness. The phenomena of ‘disappearance’ in her work doesn’t only refer to light - even the scenes and spaces captured in the photographs are often eloquent testimonies of what or who is missing in them. The artist defines art as a “constructive way of processing her own excessive senstivity and susceptibility”. Her photographs “happen”, nobody stages them on purpose. And she is always ready to be astonished by the moment of grace, which intersects her senses. And so we can highlight as her key project the series “Newborn Eyes” capturing the eyes of her own children, Felix and Lea. Still unable to focus, they float in an undistinguished space of the universe, where the subject blends with the object and everything is one. The scenes that emerge of the children appearing out of mist don’t have clear outlines. They will be interpreted and given meaning later, in the process of cognition, education and nurturing. Their mother Nadia Rovderová created, in this unique set, not only her own wonder at the miracle of a new life but also a testimony of her ability to see reality with a raw, primary view, with perceptions unburdened by conventions which often go beyond the ordinary. Despite the fact that Nadia Rovderová is a self-taught photographer, the exceptional nature of her work has been appreciated in a number of exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, France and Japan. She is also included in many photographic collections such as Czech Fundamental and Czech Photography of the 20th Century. Besides her own work, she runs Artinbox gallery in Prague, where she settled after the revolution. There she introduces not only Czech and Slovak photographers but also Art Brut art, and curates intuitively composed, thematic exhibitions of contemporary art.

Terezie Zemánková, Praha 2018

© Nikon CEE GmbH, odštěpný závod, 2017