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5. 1. – 12. 2. 2017 NIKON CALENDAR 2017

The Nikon Photo Gallery exhibits the 50 best photographs from the Nikon Calendar 2017 contest.

The contest is aimed at all lovers of photography who use Nikon cameras. Both amateur and professional photographers can take part. Every year the best photographs are auctioned off and the proceeds go to charities. The participants’ excitement is hightened by the knowledge that their photographs will help those who need it the most.

This year’s contest NIKON CALENDAR 2017 theme was The Hidden Beauty of Every Day - attracted 469 contestants who submitted 1,191 photographs. The contest took place between the beginning of July and the 16th of October 2016 on www.nikon-kalendar.cz. The photographs for the exhibition and calendar were chosen by professor Miroslav Vojtěchovský, the eminent Czech university educationalist, publicist, curator and glass photographer.

This year the patron of the calendar was Chantal Poullain, actress, singer and founder of the Archa Foundation (Nadace Archa). The proceeds of the auction amounted to 200 000 Kc, and a 10 000 Kc donation from Nikon also went to Archa Chantal Foundation, which helps to make children’s health units more humane.

The 12 winning photographers of the 2017 calendar are: Pavel Ouředník (Vltava meadow), Ivan Svatoš (Two worlds), Zdeněk Vošický (The sea of Southern Moravia), Ing. Jana Kupčáková (San Marco), Zuzka Vitvarová (School bus), Mgr. Karolína Vučka (How I was catching the Moon), Mgr. Karolína Vučka (The flames of Autumn), Markéta Butalová (At sea), Tomáš Holub (November), Iva Svobodová (Goal!), Markéta Butalová (When the day is ending), Tomáš Holub (Bohemian Switzerland).

The overall winner is Tomáš Holub with his photograph “November”.

The quality of the submitted photographs was excellent this year. Photography is not just a question of the camera, it is also the photographers’ intention through the interpretation of their ideas and how they express them through visual statements. It’s about a captured fleeting moment, atmosphere, mood, and when the magical instant happens. The photographers are present at just the right moment to press the shutter and take these exceptional photographs.

The NIKON Corporation’s photographic contest is now in its eighth year, producing successful photographic calendars supporting charities. In the previous seven years they collected through auctions, voluntary collections and contributions from the organisers over 1,828,000 Kc. This money was donated to the Child Haematology and Oncology Clinic UK 2. LF and FN in Motol, Oncology Foundation for the 21st century, the Oncology Department of Thomayer University Hospital and Health Centre in Prague, Ear, Nose and Throat Centre UK 2. LF and FN Motol for the support of cochlear implants for child patients, Vesely Senior Foundation for the support of the Exchange of Mutual Help and Free-time Activities for Seniors project, Jakub Halik Foundation for the extension of program of mechanical heart support linked to the transplant program Srdce in IKEM, Kapka naděje Foundation for the cost of services connected to the services of a psychologist at the department of child haematology and oncology and the bone marrow transplant unit in Motol Hospital in Prague and the Palata Home for the Visually Impaired for the rehabilitation of the orientation system for the blind and visually impaired within the unit.

You can find out more about this calendar at www.nikon-kalendar.cz.

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