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© Stanislav Pokorný: Lighthouse – Brittany, France© Stanislav Pokorný: Magical house, Brittany, France
© Stanislav Pokorný: House on coast, Brittany, France© Stanislav Pokorný: Torso, Brittany, France
© Stanislav Pokorný: Guardian, Brittany, France© Stanislav Pokorný: Pink granite I, Brittany, France
© Stanislav Pokorný: Island / Rainbow mountains (Landmannalaugar), Iceland© Stanislav Pokorný: Closer to Earth, Iceland

Stanislav Pokorný (b. 1952)
Education: Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague; Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University
Member of Association of Photographers, Czech Republic, Member of international artists association PANHORAMA
Activities in the field of photography and the arts other than personal work: President of APF Czech Republic and Chairman of Board of Governors, Member of OOA-S, Member of Board of Art Communities
Activities in the field of commercial photography: co-operates with companies UTAX, ORCO, Visual Art, Commercial Bank, a.s., CASUA, 2v image+media
Personal photography: Staged and landscape photography for interiors, portrait, nudes.

Stanislav Pokorny's landscape photographs are different from those of other photographers. You can certainly tell them apart from dozens of others; they are not picture postcard copies of reality, they look at landscape, talk to her, and most importantly remind her of her main features she may not even be aware of herself.

The author is a trained lawyer, a person of whom clients expect strict, concrete analysis of events and a terse explanation of given facts. Photography, just like any other art, is in contrast something difficult to express, something about the perception of feelings, the ability to pass feelings on and the ability to see the invisible. At the beginning, Stanislav Pokorny was trying to escape from the sphere of legal strictness, logical thinking and professional bondage to an area where expression is somewhat easier although at times more difficult, and when this expression of feelings and looking at the world serves also as a kind of inner purgation of accumulated tension. That is the reason why his photographs, as an important Czech photographer said once at an opening of Pokorny's exhibition, are photographs of silence. In his work, Stanislav Pokorny in fact looks for landscapes where silence exists, he waits for it and then he tries, in a manner acceptable to him, to materialise and mould it into his photographs for the viewer to see.

Everyone probably knows places where silence permeates the landscape; most people may have their own special private places. They search for them for a long time, some even for a lifetime and without results although, according to the photographer, silence in landscapes is almost ubiquitous but we cannot always sense and feel it. Stanislav Pokorny's photographs reflect years of experiencing with the fact that the sites he knows intimately through walking and waiting don't always have the same affect on him. According to Pokorny, everything depends on nature's mood, light and tranquillity, as well as the photographer's inner balance and ease. To experience silence in landscapes, Stanislav Pokorny likes Jizerske hory, they have become a second home to him. But he's equally successful, given optimal conditions in the landscape and within himself, to feel the silence of early mornings in Tuscany, late afternoons in Brittany or silence interrupted by the splashing of high tide on the west of coast of Ireland. And if there is no tranquillity in nature or within himself, then he sits for hours, regardless whether it is on a boulder by the Black Brook or somewhere on the seashore, and he knows that silence exists here; it just doesn't want to speak at that particular moment. So he simply sits, looks, waits and doesn't take photographs. Sometimes that moment, when, as Ansel Adams used to say: "God wants someone to be there at that precise moment to press the shutter", either comes or doesn't. There are places where he still hasn't found it and where he keeps returning year after year in expectation that one day it will happen.

Top group exhibitions:
1981 – Stadtgallerie, Neusiedel am See – Austria
1982 – City Cultural Centre, Mlada Boleslav
2001 – Architecture – exhibition of members of APT, NTM Prague
2002 – PANHORAMA – exhibition of panoramic photographs, Gallery Nerudova, Prague
2004 – Landscape as reflection of photographer's soul - exhibition of members AFP, Jindrichuv Hradec, Praha
2004 – PANHORAMA - exhibition of panoramic photographs, Jewish Synagogue, Decin
2004 – PANHORAMA – exhibition of panoramic photographs, Spala Gallery, Prague
2006 – PANHORAMA - exhibition of panoramic photographs, Jewish Synagogue, Decin, Chateau Nasavrky
2008 – Selection APF, Gallery Diamant, Prague
2010 – Selection II APF, Gallery Diamant, Prague

Most important solo exhibitions:
1985 – Gallery TEMPL, Mlada Boleslav
1988 – Gallery Modry Pavilon, Prague
1993 – City Theatre Gallery, Tabor
1997 – Gallery TEMPL, Mlada Boleslav
1998 – Prague 4 Gallery, Prague
1998 – Chateau Blatna
2003 – Na Schodech Gallery, Prague
2004 – Prague City Centre
2005 – Web Photo Gallery, Heller.cz

Literature: Fotorevue, Fotografie Magazin, Evenings with photographer
Web pages: stanpokorny.com

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