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© Lenka Hatašová: Bára Basiková© Lenka Hatašová: Karel Gott
© Lenka Hatašová: Bohumil Klepl and Bela Shenková© Lenka Hatašová: Lucie Bílá
© Lenka Hatašová: Marta Jandová© Lenka Hatašová: Michael Kocáb
© Lenka Hatašová: Pavel Šporcl and Barbora Kodetová© Lenka Hatašová: Zlata Adamovská

Lenka Hatašová (b.1969), has photographed on the battlefields of the Balkans, in North and Central America and on the famous Grand Slam tennis courts. In the 1990’s she left the field of reportage and documentary photography behind and began to take portraits of well known personalities from the world of culture, sport and politics for the media. Rather than action and adrenalin, she became interested in stylised portraits, to which she now dedicates herself exclusively. Her photographs grace the title pages of magazines, autobiographical book covers, calendars, record covers of Czech singers and bands, and photographs for television campaigns and campaigns connected with well-known people in general.

She was introduced to photography by her father while her mother taught her a real love for people. As the photographer says, love opens the heart and changes the vision of outer reality, which is pivotal for all photographers. In the last few years she has been exploring nature with a pocket camera and mobile phone, looking on her journey for everyday miracles which are often overlooked in the tempo of everyday life.

The exhibition shows known faces from a slightly different angle than the public is accustomed to seeing. Wrapped in an atmosphere of shadows created in most cases by modulated daylight or in situations and environments where they are not usually photographed, the personalities unfold something from their private lives, emotions and their deep inner world. A certain intimate connection between the photographer and her subjects is immediately obvious; trust stemming from a long partnership facilitates the creation of a perfect perspective.

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