Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

13. 6.–28. 7. 2013 RED OR BLACK? – JIŘÍ CAJSKA

© Jiří Cajska: Sailing boat, 2010© Jiří Cajska: Metamorphoses I, 2008
© Jiří Cajska: Metamorphoses II, 2008© Jiří Cajska: Metamorphoses III, 2008
© Jiří Cajska: Intersections III, 2011© Jiří Cajska: Flying Plate I, 2012
© Jiří Cajska: Flying Plate II, 2012© Jiří Cajska: Wing I, 2012

As the title of this exhibition suggests, Jiri Cajska’s photographs, whether in black and white or colour, are often described as abstract or non-figurative, but in fact they are mainly from the world of objects. They play with the existence of the subject, its shape, colour, light and shadow.
At the beginning of the author’s work, glass was central to his interest. From the classically composed series Bottles (1979), Glass Jugs (1981), Glass Variations and Glass Deformations (both 1982), he arrived at abstract compositions of geometric shapes, lines and tones of glass objects. In another series - Encounters, Intersections, In Search of Shadow (all 1983), Glass Imaginations and Attempt at Negation of Light (both 1984) - he emphasises the role of shadow, fragments, light reflections and contrasts. He creates minimalist still lives where the glass objects are no longer in the forefront. In the field of colour photography he made a set called “Objects” (1987), which was his graduation work at the Institute of Creative Photography.
In the 1990s, inspired by the seminar on multimedia work led by Pavel Jasansky at FAMU, he dedicated himself to photomontage, rollage and other similar methods where he creates new works with new meanings by composing part images and putting them into different context as for example in the book of rollages J.S. Bach: Small Preludes and Fugue (1993), inspired by musical motifs, triptych “Clash” (1993), serigraph “Repentance”, graphically processed body details “Fragments” (1995), and others. The climax of this period of development is a collection of monumental black and white images called “Destruction” (1994), which dramatically evokes the existential pessimism of the period, man’s struggle, counterpoint of good and evil. Currently the author works mainly in colour, in an abstract form where the objects (mainly glass) in front of the lens serve as a means to convey mood, a shift towards a different reality, while simultaneously leading to their rediscovery. They require what is typical for modern creation - the principle of empathy. These photographs open up when viewed by a sensitive viewer and are able to tell many stories. The author is exhibiting photographs from the series “Metamorphoses” (2008), “Signals” (2009), “Zigzaging” (2009), “Intersections 2” (2011), Triptychs” (2011-2012), “Wing” (2012), “Flying Plate” (2012), and “Ufo” (2013).

1989-1994 FAMU, photography
1984-1987 Institute of Creative Photography
1968-1973 CVUT, faculty of Electrical Engineering
Job: Freelance photographer
Solo exhibitions:
Galerie Centrum, Pilsen 1983
Exhibition Hall Kvety, Prague 1984
Gallery On Stairs, Cesky Krumlov 1985
Gallery Vlassky dvur, Kutna Hora 1985
Theatre in Nerudovka, Prague 1986
Group exhibitions:
IVF, Munich 1986
IVF, Gallery 4, Cheb 1986
IVF, Brno 1987
IVF, Ceska Lipa 1987
IVF, Prague 1988
Jiri Serych: With Jiri Cajska to the Third Chamber, CsF, 1983, number 9 Jiri Serych: Cajska’s Glass Variations, CsF, 1985, number 1 Miroslav Vojtechovsky: Sincere Reality of Photographic Abstraction, Revue Fotografie, 1988, Number 2 Various authors: Encyclopedia of Czech and Slovak Photographers, ASCO Prague, 1993
Jiri Cajska: Minimal Motifs in Czech Creative Photography of the 1970s and 1980s, Diploma thesis, FAMU 1994

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