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3.–31. 10. 2017 NIKON PHOTO CONTEST

Nikon 100th Anniversary Award – 1st Prize – Tomislav Veic (Croatia) – WHEN LANTERNS FLYING IN THE SKYNext Generation Award: Single Photo – 2nd Prize – Ekaterina Volkova (Russian Federation) – the beginning of my future
Next Generation Award: Single Photo – 2nd Prize – 安藤 秀 (Minoru Ando) Japan – 今日の朝ごはんは何にしよう? – (What are we going to have for breakfast today?)THE OPEN Award: Single Photo – 2nd Prize – Zoltan Balog (Romania) – Beyond the window
THE OPEN Award: Single Photo – 2nd Prize – Asis Kumar Sanyal (India) – Pink ParadiseTHE OPEN Award: Single Photo – 2nd Prize – Jacek Oleksinski (Sweden) – Pots
Nikon 100th Anniversary Award – 2nd Prize – Rawad Bara (Syrian Arab Republic) – Laughter From Behind The WallNikon 100th Anniversary Award – 2nd Prize – Serge Litvinov (Ukraine) – Victory Day
Nikon 100th Anniversary Award – 2nd Prize – Katja Bidovec (Slovenia) – Worshipers at Weherahena templeNikon 100th Anniversary Prize – Annamaria Bruni (Italy) – Greeting to the Sun
Award for the Most Popular Entry – Dorte Verner (USA) – Disappearing fishing method by MokenGrand Prize – THE OPEN Award: Single Photo 1st Prize – 田 (Tian Yuan Yua) China – 休 (Break Time)
Next Generation Award: Single Photo – 1st Prize – Anna Opinová (Slovakia) – MysteriousNext Generation Award: Single Photo – 2nd Prize – Deborah Zuanazzi (Italy) – Floating

Nikon Photo Gallery presents the winning photographs from the international photographic Nikon contest which has been taking place annually since 1969. It shows the winning photographs taken by photographers from all over the world in several categories. Additionally, this year there was a new category - the Nikon 100th Anniversary Prize on the theme of Celebration, which marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Nikon in 2017.

The contest was entered by 21 511 photographers from 170 countries with 76 356 images.

The international jury of specialist professionals was led by Neville Brody, graphic designer and art director of international repute. According to him, the images differed not only in their subject matter but also in their subject of interest. Most of them had a political undertone or they commented on the course of events on our planet. The winning works reflect the balance between the artistic point of view and the ability to tell a story. The problems of the world are expressed through a simple reality. These images help to understand who we are and they reveal the reality of the world we inhabit.

The specialist jury selected one winner of the Nikon 100th Anniversary Prize and one winner of the Grand Prize. The Award for the Most Popular Entry was the result of popular vote.

The 100th Anniversary Prize was awarded to Italian photographer Annamaria Bruni for her photograph Greeting the Sun. “With this photograph I pay a personal tribute to my beloved Egypt, my home for over ten years. The purpose of this photograph was to express the peace and quiet as a celebration through an image of a woman praying under a window” says Annamaria Bruni.

The jury awarded the Grand Prize to Break Time, a photograph taken by Chinese photographer Yuan Yuan Tian. The tableaux of metalworks workers during their break was summarised by the leading jury member Neville Brody with the following words: “The photograph referring to climatic changes and the need to pause industrial efforts and the pollution powerfully illustrates these fears. The use of black and white photography raises the dramatic effect. Workers enveloped in smoke are illuminated by sun rays stretching out to distance. On the edge we see an open door with a tree behind, a reminder of the need to protect nature. In this sense the iconography of this image can be used anywhere in the world. Beautiful, dramatic and powerful.”

The award for the Most Popular Entry went to Dorte Verner from USA with his image Disappearing Fishing Method by Moken. The dynamic photograph, capturing a native man jumping from his boat with a spear straight into the water is a message from the quiet world of the forgotten people. It gained the majority of the total of 7065 votes.

The exhibition will also show the winning photograph taken by a young Slovak photographer Anna Opinova who won the Next Generation Award - Single Photo, which is a category for emerging photographers bellow the age of 30. She called her black and white image of a man with cigarette smoke covering his face Mysterious. We can’t see the man’s face through the smoke and the image arouses curiosity. “Photography makes me alive, refreshes me and changes my being. We can live and breathe photography,” she writes on her website. The jury selected her photograph from 76 thousand pictures.

The exhibition taking place at Nikon Photo Gallery also introduces photographs from other categories of Next Generation Award: Photo Story, Video and THE OPEN Award: Single Photo, Photo Story and Video.

Nikon Photo Contest 2016 - 2017 is a travelling exhibition. The exhibition has already been shown in the Nikon Museum in Tokyo, in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou in China, in Delhi and Bombay in India, and in Paris and London.

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