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JAN ŠMÍD © Small parachute from Adrspach (Broumov region)JAN ŠMÍD © Peter’s stones under a duvet (Jeseniky)
JAN ŠMÍD © Sea surf (Jeseníky)JAN ŠMÍD © Winter shadow play (Giant Mountains)
JAN ŠMÍD © April wilderness (Giant Mountains)JAN ŠMÍD © Quiet Poetics (Southern Moravia)
JAN ŠMÍD © Autumnal stop (Bohemian Switzerland)JAN ŠMÍD © Heavenly arch (Sazava region)

What the author says about photography and himself…

I haven’t been a photographer since birth as some of my colleagues often say with a pinch of humour and exaggeration. Nor is photography my “love at first sight”. To be honest, I don’t know what was in my cradle when I arrived in this world in 1979, but I am certain that it wasn’t a camera. I ignored photography for a long time, or perhaps I just occasionally pressed the shutter for holiday snaps. With the arrival of mobile phones with several megapixel cameras, I even applauded the fact that perhaps soon cameras would be obsolete and replaced by mobile phones. In those days all photographic terminology was totally unknown to me and I regarded ISO as a foreign three-letter word.

In 2009 I decided that for my next holiday I would equip myself with a “professional” camera and I bought a so-called false reflex camera (EVF) made by Nikon. It was exciting, mainly because it had a “zoooom” and many megapixels. Along with the already mentioned piece of equipment I also purchased my first technical guide to photography and submerged myself into the mysteries of picture taking.

Towards the end of 2009 I exchanged the EVF for a Nikon reflex camera with the first dedicated 18-105mm lens. I bought more books and started on a journey of trying and experimenting; the journey was a difficult and thorny. I was constantly surprised that my photographs were not coming even close to those I saw in professional magazines.

In the next two years I started progressing from ordinary snapping towards a more thoughtful approach and bought more lenses and other accessories. Since I had the equipment and theoretical knowledge from books, it was time to put everything into practice. In the Autumn of 2011, I went to photograph the sunrise in Bohemian Switzerland and in the car on the way I decided that landscape photography would be ‘it’ for me.

In the Spring of 2012 I got bewitched by panoramic landscape photography and today I am dedicated to photographing landscapes. The large majority of my current photographs are made of several basic pictures (sometimes even dozens) and apart from classical daylight photography, I focus on night landscape photography and the photography of stars. Photography completely absorbs my time. I’ve started teaching workshops on landscape photography and I also own a photographic school (IFŠ).

To my great surprise, today I realise that inspite of the fact that I am basically an anti‑tourist and prefer completely different sports from those that involve struggling up hills with a camera bag (which, because of its size I call a ‘wagon’), I like photography very much and landscape photography has become the real thing for me.

Jan Šmíd


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