Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

16. 2. – 20. 3. 2017 PETR JAN JURAČKA

Petr Jan Juračka – Vzpomínky na svět © Mawenzi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 2016 (Nikon D500)Petr Jan Juračka – Vzpomínky na svět © Baikal, Russia, 2010 (Nikon D300)
Petr Jan Juračka – Vzpomínky na svět © Nakpo Kangri (6956), China, 2016 (Nikon D500)Petr Jan Juračka – Vzpomínky na svět © Silent Gorge, Hřensko, 2014 (Nikon Coolpix A)
Petr Jan Juračka – Vzpomínky na svět © Broad Peak (8051), Karakoram, Pakistan, 2016 (Nikon D810A)Petr Jan Juračka – Vzpomínky na svět © Russell Glacier, Greenland, 2012 (Nikon D300)
Petr Jan Juračka – Vzpomínky na svět © Sandpit, Adršpach, 2013 (Nikon D300)Petr Jan Juračka – Vzpomínky na svět © Flag, Kyjovské valley, Bohemian Switzerland, 
2010 (Nikon D300)

Petr Jan Juračka is not the type of photographer of whom you could say that he photographs “something”. He is not a landscape or wildlife photographer, not even a mountaineer, although he likes all these disciplines and practices them often. But if there is “something” which pulls through his life’s work as a red thread, it is his interest in nature. Currently he works as a scientist at the Faculty of Science of Charles University, from which he had received his Ph.D in Hydrobiology and where he is now fully engaged in the photography of science, scientists and the documentation of the microworld, so despairingly hidden from ordinary sight. For his work he uses special electron and light microscopes which enable him to enlarge one thousand times the microscopic structures of the new, not yet described species of crustaceans from around the world, orchid seeds and barely a few millimetres big fossils from the mesozoic era. As soon as he finishes his work in the basement of the academic grounds, he puts on his crampons and heads for the mountains and rocks to satisfy his immeasurable desire for nature and adventure.

Peter has more than fifty exhibitions behind him; he has won several international photographic awards, his images appear on book covers and covers of Czech and international magazines. Just any odd choice of his photographs would look disparate and so we decided to show you one of the disciplines that permeate through Peter’s journey across the world - landscape photography. Many of the photographs you see here were taken in situation when it was impossible to use the tripod and some had to be taken in a few seconds - whether they are fleeting images of the demanding ascent of K2, the world’s second highest mountain, snapshots taken from a car travelling through the African savannah, evening moods on a trek in Greenland, or a trip with his children in the environs of his native Pardubice. Despite that, but perhaps even because of that, looking at this exhibition will certainly give you an appetite to go out yourselves and take photographs.

© Nikon CEE GmbH, odštěpný závod, 2017