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30. 5. – 8. 7. 2018 BARBORA REICHOVÁ – FIRST TEN

© Barbora Reichová: Ski jumping, Olympic Games Vancouver 2010© Barbora Reichová: Gabriela Koukalová, World Championship Hochfilzen 2017
© Barbora Reichová: Sidney Crosby versus  Jaromír Jágr, World Championship Prague 2015© Barbora Reichová: Downhill skiing, Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018
© Barbora Reichová: Ski jumping, World Cup Klingenthal 2016© Barbora Reichová: Biathlon, World Championship Hochfilzen 2017
© Barbora Reichová: Michael Phelps, Olympic Games Rio 2016© Barbora Reichová: Roger Federer, Laver Cup, Prague 2017

Barbora Reichová (1985)
There are not many women among top sports photographers. However, in the last ten years Barbora Reichová has clearly demonstrated that capturing dynamic sports and action is not only a male domain.

After studying at a photographic school, her desire to photograph was so intensive that she gave up her studies of museum work and, after a short spell working as a photo lab technician and teaching at the Prague Photographic School in Vysocany, she arrived at what had fascinated her most since childhood - sports photography. She linked her two passions - sport which she had not only loved since childhood but she also actively engaged in, and sports photography.

She played basketball and other sports; in the floorboard team she played several extra league seasons. Thanks to her active sportmanship she acquired a natural sensitivity to forseeing an action on the playing field or during a contest, which is one of the key skills of a sports photographer. She single-mindedly and patiently followed photography since childhood and became, in 2008, aged 23, a supporting photographer in the men-only team of photographers in daily Denik Sport newspaper. For the next ten years she participated with her Nikons as a photographer of the only Czech sports daily newspaper at many prestigious sporting events all over the world, including the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Sochi, Rio and Pyongchang. She also covered a number of NHL and NBA matches, ice hockey, biathlon world championships and duels of Czech football representation at the Euro.

Moments of victory are not the only important moments for Barbora Reichova. She tries to capture sport creatively, often in a minimalistic fashion. An important part of her photographic vision of sport is to highlight that which is usually unseen by the regular audience: unnoticeable lines, colours, light and shadow. In the last few years her domain is also portraits of sportsmen.

Last year she celebrated a victory in the Sports Photography of the Year contest in the portrait category with a photograph of the hirsute captain of the national team, ice hockey player Jakub Voracek. She was also awarded in the Czech Press Photo contest and her images also captivated the prestigious international agency Getty Images. Barbora was among a selection of the ten female sports photographers in the world interested in a stint in this agency. She has also been awarded Fair Play prize, awarded regularly by the Czech Olympic Committee. For the last five years she has also been lecturing at the Academy of Journalism and the New Media.

Even though her production, following her studies at the Institute of Creative Photography of Silesian University in Opava, has been expanding towards documentary, sports photography still remains her prefered choice.

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